Cicadas Rhyme is a game of improvisation that is played by utilizing a video call.


The game mode consists of the creation of visual rhymes through the use of improvised materials and objects at the disposition of each participant, while keeping a focus on their own frame and that of the others. This creates a dialogue of forms that gradually leads to a visual agreement between the parts through a continuous listening process.


The goal of the game is to create arrangements that formally respond to each other. 


In each game session, a maximum of four players can participate.


  • A stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Zoom Meetings video conference platform (Click here to download).

  • One of the following:
      1. A laptop computer with a webcam;
      2. A tablet;
      3. A desktop computer with a mobile webcam;
      4. A computer and a smartphone to be used as a webcam. [In this case, to turn your phone into a webcam you need to download any of the several free apps that you find online like Iriun or DroidCam. Once the App is installed, Zoom will give you the possibility to choose your smartphone as a webcam].

︎︎︎ Tips and tricks:
Before starting the game, try out the medium you have chosen to use:  

︎ Frame a flat surface (such as the floor or table) on which you will place the objects.

︎ Make sure you have adequate lighting with an even exposure.



You will be invited by an email from the Host with a set day and time for the meeting and a link to access the video call.


The Host will welcome you into the video call and will guide you with the correct positioning of your device so that your webcam will record a clean horizontal surface as wide as possible (it could be a floor or table). Remember that your device has to remain steady for the entire duration of the game. Changes in the frame may disturb the course of the game.


The Host will start the game and will mute the sound of the participants. For the duration of the video call, the audio will be muted and verbal communication is not allowed. If you have any questions or doubts, ask them before the start of the game.


Do not prepare any items beforehand. Everything will and should happen during the game. Just use the objects around you.  


The game is not played in turns, but by collaborating simultaneously in the construction of compositions which evoke each other through visual rhymes. Each player is free to start by placing one or more objects. Take the initiative and place them in the frame and at the same time, remind yourself to observe what the others are doing. Try to use similar objects in shape, color, material, position in space, or more of these features together.


During the game, watch the participants’ screens. You can reposition or remove objects to harmonize your composition with the one of the others. The gestures and movements that are made by moving the objects are also important.


The game will last 20 minutes in total. When you hear the Host's voice announcing the time expiration, make the last changes to achieve the final composition. When all the players have concluded their compositions, wait for a couple of seconds and stay out of the frame. The Host's voice will then guide you through the end of the video call.

Here you can find an example of the game:


Participate to a game session