Cicadas Rhyme is a project born in 2016 from the collaboration of a group of artists who, at the end of their university studies, continued to experiment together despite the physical distance that separated them.

We created a game that allowed us to communicate not with words, but through the use of objects in our everyday spaces.

After years of experimentation through digital platforms, the game evolved and we decided to share it as a collective practice with anyone who wants to participate.

Cicadas Rhyme is a useful exercise to develop listening and non-verbal dialogue skills within a group, as well as to explore improvisation skills and immediate response to visual stimuli.

The Cicadas Rhyme platform is developed by Bianca Maria Fasiolo, Linda Vigiani and Annalisa Zegna. Among the co-founders: Leonardo Mastromauro and Antonio Pipolo.


Cicadas Rhyme is a nonprofit independent project. This platform aims to spread the game Cicadas Rhyme as a relational practice that connects people living in different parts of the world.
With a donation, you will help us support the costs of this platform and organize future online events.


Thank you!


You can send us a message or an email to cicadasrhyme@gmail.com

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