Cicadas Rhyme
@ Co-Disco

3 April 2021
from 1 to 6 pm
(30’ each)

Cicadas Rhyme takes part in Co-Disco, a Brussels-based online and offline format that brings together people who want to share any kind of knowledge in a non-hierarchical environment.
A full day with many other workshops open to anyone who wants to participate.

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19-20 February 2021
AnthroDay 2021 – Antropologia pubblica a Milano

Rime di campo
(Field rhymes)

Talk and workshop
with PropagazioniCicadas RhymePierre Dupont and Francesco Bravin

19-20 February 2021
from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm
(30’ each)

19 February at 6.30 pm

Rime di campo brings together anthropological, artistic, educational and curatorial practices to reflect on the theme of field experience. The public is invited to experiment with Cicadas Rhyme, an improvisation game based on non-verbal communication that takes place by means of a video call. Participants are asked to use everyday objects to create visual compositions that recall each other in colour, shape and spatial arrangement. The dialogue between the frames develops through a continuous listening and observation process between the participants, and gradually generates a visual agreement. The game allows the participants to train different skills involved in collaborative processes and brings out relational and communicative dynamics.
The Focus Group with the collectives Propagazioni, Cicadas Rhyme, Pierre Dupont and the anthropologist Francesco Bravin, proposes a comparison between artistic, curatorial and anthropological practices regarding the field experience starting from the game Cicadas Rhyme. Among the issues addressed: the role of empathy and participation, the use of visual and non-verbal languages, and how to provide an account for the field experience.

Zoom Meetings

Registration for the event is compulsory and must be completed by 11.59pm on 16 February 2021. If you wish to cancel, please notify by email at

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